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Survey Finds Economic Hardship Among Disneyland Employees
Disneyland employees routinely face threats of homelessness, according to a survey released this week. The survey, titled “Working for the Mouse,” found that employees at the park suffer a high risk of economic hardship due to low wages and inconsistent schedules.
Reporter: Michelle Wiley

 "Working for the Mouse"という、ディズニーランド社員のアンケートを基にした調査なんだけど、

  • The average hourly wage for Disneyland Resort workers in real dollars dropped 15% from 2000 to 2017, from $15.80 to $13.36.
  • Almost three-quarters say that they do not earn enough money to cover basic expenses every month.
  • Disneyland employees worry about keeping a roof over their heads.
  • Over half of Disneyland Resort employees report concerns about being evicted from their homes or apartments.
  • More than one out of ten Disneyland Resort employees report having been homeless – or not having a place of their own place to sleep – in the past two years.
  • Over half of workers who rent their housing are overcrowded – squeezing too many family members, roommates or even multiple families into a unit that is too small to accommodate the number of occupants.

Economic Roundtable | Working for the Mouse

 これはひどいな。少なくとも10人に一人はここ2年の間にホームレス経験あり。これでいて"happiest place on earth"にやって来るお客に笑顔で対応しなければならない。