Hole In The Wall


今日の英語:How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

= 「カーネギー・ホールに行くにはどうすればいいですか?」

通常"how do you get to"は道順を聞く時の常套句なんだけど、これは古典的ジョーク。答えは、"Practice, practice, practice."



"I would have given them what they needed," said Weill, but it was never necessary. "Instead of getting $25,000 more, they made $85,000 more."


"It kind of brought us closer," said Kaley." The Santa Rosa High School Concert Choir hit a high note in unison. "I don't think it will sink in until I stand on stage and it is done."

It will be the sweetest of happy endings for a young woman who happens to be one of five in this group to lose a home in the firestorm.