Hole In The Wall






DENT: Well, there's certainly concern. I had conversations with Hershey, certainly, about the aluminum tariffs. You know, they can produce 70 million kisses a day, Hershey kisses a day, which is a lot of loving. And the kisses are each...

GREENE: That's a lot, yeah (laughter).

DENT: Each wrapped in an aluminum foil. And so this is a very real threat to them.  

1日に7,000万回のキス、じゃなかった 7,000万個のキスチョコを包むアルミフォイルに使うアルミニウムの値段に明らかにヒットする為。

DENT: Well, I don't think tariffs are the remedy here. What the president should be focusing on - and at times he does - what he should focus on is the real issue with China, which is intellectual property theft and coercive technology transfers. That - those are the two biggest issues. But the way the president has gone about it by imposing tariffs first directed at friends and allies - you know, Canada and the EU and South Korea and Brazil - makes no sense.