Hole In The Wall




Unexpected French Roast

 この前のブラジル豆、ローストがやたら早い。1st crackのあとほぼすぐに2nd crack。気を抜いたら煙もくもくまでローストしてしまう。黒光りのG豆。

Roasting Notes: City+ to Full City roast highly recommended (medium to borderline dark). Quicker roasts will be crisper than slower roasts. Great prep on the beans and being so clean tasting - an very easy coffee to roast. If you like nuttiness to the cup - take it on the lighter side, looking for smoke or a smoky caramel try it closer to 2nd crack. Will still get pretty strong and bold into the dark roasts.

Brazil Sao Francisco Estate Premium Flat

 2nd crack余裕で超えちゃったんですが。まああまり好みじゃなかったんで、良い方向のtweakになることを期待。