Hole In The Wall


Gravenstein / Stone fruits

今日もいい天気、ということでCampbell Farmers' Marketへ。ようやくGravenstein登場。

Prevedelli Farms

Gravenstein apples

 GoodEggsでもSebastopol産のが売ってるけど、ローカルに手に入るのは嬉しい。そもそもこの売り子の人、今日は自転車じゃないのに"You are the bike guy?"と覚えててくれたし。


Yellow peaches

Stone fruits


Stone fruits

 桃とアプリコットとプラムの掛け合わせ、Peacotum(PEAch + apriCOT + plUM)が旨い。この前ここの記事読んで、食べてみたかったところ。

When Blossom Bluff Orchards started bringing peacotums to farmers markets several years ago, the fruit were met with curiosity and quickly embraced. “Unlike some pluots, they really stand out,” said Bryce. “They’re very obviously something different, and the flavor is hard to compare.”

 うんうん、たしかに他のプラム交配種と比べて"stand out"してるかも。