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今日の英語:chip on one's shoulder

= 挑戦的な態度・性格。





Cover of sheet music for the song titled: "Don't Try to Knock a Chip from Riley's Shoulder." (J. W. Wheeler) which alludes to the expression,

"A chip on the shoulder" comes from the ancient right of shipwrights within the Royal Navy Dockyards to take home a daily allowance of offcuts of timber, even if good wood was cut up for this purpose. The privilege was instated as a prescriptive right from 1634.[2][3][4]By 1756, this privilege had been abused and was costing taxpayers too much in lost timber for warship repair and construction. The decision was then made by the Navy Board to limit the quantity a shipwright could carry home. A warrant was issued to the Royal Dockyards to reduce the quantity of chips by ordering shipwrights to carry their bundles under their arms instead of on their shoulders, as one could not carry as much timber in this fashion. The specific incident from which the expression derives is as follows:

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  • イギリス海軍の造船所、船大工たちは日当として材木のチップを与えられていた。
  • その日々の材木の消費がかさみ、実際の船の修理に使う材木に影響するまでに。
  • なので当局が日当材木の量を減らすため、肩に担いで運び出すのを禁止、腕の下に持つように、とのお達しを発する。
  • これに不満を持った船大工の一団、わざと肩に材木を担いで「取れるもんなら取ってみろ!」と脅して強行突破。「ハザー!」と3度叫ぶ(万歳三唱みたいなもんw)。


話は戻ってslack chat、あるnon-nativeな人曰く、「80年代の肩パッドを使ったembedded computingを連想」。ははは、自分はコンピューターチップを肩に埋め込んだアンドロイドを連想w。