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Asian fruit cream cake



The love for the cake has inspired memes garnering thousands of likes on Subtle Asian Traits, a Facebook group and meme page with over 1.6 million members. Founded by a group of young Chinese Australians, the page has grown to include Asians of every stripe online, albeit with a strong East and Southeast Asian slant. A March 2019 image and text post by Vancouver-based Chinese American Alyssa Therrien captioned “ok but why isn’t anyone talking about the deliciousness of Chinese fruit cakes” received over 11,000 likes; Therrien says she loves the cake so much that she plans to have it at her wedding.

Asian fruit cream cake、またの名をChinese bakery fruit cake。最近ミームになるほど流行ってるらしいけど、こりゃ(日本の)ストロベリー・ショートケーキだよなぁ。上の写真はParis Baguetteのらしいけど、"Asian"でまとめられてもな。

Unlike a strawberry shortcake, which originated from a sweet English biscuit recipe and is crumbly and heavier in texture, the Asian fruit cream cake typically uses a traditional lighter sponge cake base, which distinguishes itself from the similar-tasting French genoise in that it contains no added fat such as butter or oil 

何度も既出だけれど、"strawberry shortcake"と言ったら違うものが出てくる。