Hole In The Wall


Flu shot conspiracy


Rainbow's friend Rebecca gets mono ("the kissing disease"), and after helping her out, she becomes interested in the medical field. Alicia fibs to Paul about getting a flu shot, and when Denise gets sick, their distrust of the medical community comes to light. Meanwhile, Johan and Santamonica go to live with Harrison while Denise is sick and start to enjoy his lavish lifestyle.


Dre is guilted into volunteering at Jack and Diane's school carnival for Give Back Day. Meanwhile, Rainbow makes an appointment for Junior to get his flu shot, but Ruby has strong opinions against modern medicine.


黒人の医者への懐疑心、flu shot陰謀説について。ただ、現状のコロナの非常事態を考えるとなんと悠長なことを言ってるのか、という気になる。