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= ラティーノを指す、gender neutralな表現。



Latinx (plural Latinxs)

  1. (chiefly US, see usage note) A Latin person (of any gender); a Latino or Latinaquotations ▼
    Synonyms: LatineLatin@ (which see for more)

Usage notes[edit]

  • Latinx is used as a gender-neutral alternative to Latino and Latina, including in the plural (where Latinxs can replace long phrases like Latinos and Latinas, or the use of Latinos alone to refer to mixed-gender group, which some feminists dislike), by younger Hispanic people, and by non-binary Hispanic people.[1][2][3] Some Hispanic people object to Latinx, however, considering it too English and too little used in Spanish, or disliking its gender-neutrality.[3] One poll of 508 people found that only 2% chose the term as the one term that best described them.[4] A few speakers use Latine (using the vowel e that is midway between -o and -a) as an alternative, saying it is more pronounceable in Spanish.[5]

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 ただ、Pew Researchによれば、

We've been using the term "Latinx" on NPR's Code Switch podcast regularly. But new research shows it hasn't really caught on among Latino adults in the U.S.: While one in four have heard of the term, only 3% use it.


'Latinx' Hasn't Caught On Among Adults, Pew Research Finds : Code Switch : NPR