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今日の英語:graywater / greywater

= 使用済上水。洗濯後や風呂・洗面で下水に流れていくような水。



  • Using water twice
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Turf's up


In California, that water — the official name for it is gray water, or sometimes "greywater" — is perfect for watering most gardens. On average, a gray water system can save a household over 14,000 gallons of water a year, by simply redirecting that lightly used water into a yard.


The most common type of gray water system is a "laundry to landscape" setup, where the water from a load of laundry flows down a set of pipes into a yard or garden. Depending on specifics like the location of the washing machine in a home, homeowners can install a gray water system on their own. The most straightforward projects don’t require a permit and can cost just a few hundred dollars.


Through Valley Water's Graywater Rebate Program, receive up to $400 to install a Graywater Laundry-to-Landscape System to make your landscape more resilient with a local, sustainable water supply.

Graywater Rebate | Santa Clara Valley Water


The base rebate is $200. Residential customers in these service areas may be eligible for the higher $400 rebate amount:  

  • City of Cupertino residents (note: sites in unincorporated areas in Cupertino are not eligible for the higher rebate amount)
  • City of Morgan Hill water customers
  • City of Palo Alto Utilities customers
  • San José Municipal Water System customers. To confirm you're in this service area, enter your address or check your water bill.

Rebates are available until June 30, 2022, or until funding is depleted.

$200ドル、プロバイダに依ってはプラス$200、うちはSan Jose Water Co.(private)なんで駄目だけど。でも$200貰えば自分でインストールすればほぼプラマイゼロにならないかな。