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What It Means To Be Asian in America

Pew Researchによるレポート。これは興味深い。


Participants highlighted how the pan-ethnic “Asian” label used in the U.S. represented only one part of how they think of themselves. For example, recently arrived Asian immigrant participants told us they are drawn more to their ethnic identity than to the more general, U.S.-created pan-ethnic Asian American identity. Meanwhile, U.S.-born Asian participants shared how they identified, at times, as Asian but also, at other times, by their ethnic origin and as Americans.


Another common finding among focus group participants is the disconnect they noted between how they see themselves and how others view them.


Another shared finding is the multiple ways in which participants take and express pride in their cultural and ethnic backgrounds while also feeling at home in America, celebrating and blending their unique cultural traditions and practices with those of other Americans.



"Asian Americans"という言葉は日系のこの子の大叔父・叔母さんが生み出した言葉。