Hole In The Wall


The Migrant Kitchen



“I think for many Jews, probably for most Jews, they do not go to synagogue, they do not send their children to Jewish day schools, but they do go to deli,”




The demand for this one apple exceeds supply—it’s all consumers, and therefore supermarkets, want. So growers are planting with almost reckless abandon, pulling out old varieties, like the tired Red Delicious, and putting in Honeycrisp trees—even in places where they don’t grow well.


The Curse of the Honeycrisp Apple



How Democracies Die

今日はいよいよmidterm election。そんな中の睡眠学習がこれ。

November 05 | Is Democracy in Danger?

Democracy no longer ends with a revolution or military coup, but with a gradual erosion of political norms. As a growing number of countries are chipping away at liberally democratic values, are these institutions safe from elected, authoritarian leaders? Daniel Ziblatt, professor at Harvard University and co-author of How Democracies Die, discusses the future of liberal democracies with World Affairs CEO Jane Wales

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