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Mexican 2014 Organic Terruno Nayarita Washed Reserve

Mexican 2014 Organic Terruno Nayarita Washed Reserve今度はメキシコ。Full Cityまで煎る。

Roasted to Full City


The coffee cherries are sorted by immersion in water. Bad or unripe fruit will float and the good ripe fruit will sink. The skin of the cherry and some of the pulp is removed by pressing the fruit by machine in water through a screen. The bean will still have a significant amount of the pulp clinging to it that needs to be removed. This is done either by the classic ferment-and-wash method or a newer procedure variously called machine-assisted wet processing, aquapulping or mechanical demucilaging:

Sorting coffee in water

In the ferment-and-wash method of wet processing, the remainder of the pulp is removed by breaking down the cellulose byfermenting the beans with microbes and then washing them with large amounts of water. Fermentation can be done with extra water or, in "Dry Fermentation", in the fruit's own juices only.

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で、このメキシコ豆。washed processのためか煎った後の粒が綺麗。味もなめらかな味。