Hole In The Wall


The Home Depot Rating System


Installed a new furnace filter

たかがエアフィルターなのに、4つもグレードがある。しかも、よーく見ると、この"FPR"という指標、"The Home Depot Rating System"というもの。ということはいわゆる「当社比」???


 んで、ちょっと調べたら他にも、"MERV", "MPR"というレーティングシステムが。

MERV Rating (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Valueis the primary rating system used in the industry, both domestically and internationally. Established by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers), MERV rates a filter’s ability to capture and hold particles and pollutants.

MPR (Micro-Particle Performance Rating) is a rating system developed by 3M. It rates the manufacturer’s filters and their ability to capture airborne particles smaller than 1 micron

FPR (Filter Performance Rating) is a rating system developed by The Home Depot for brands sold through their stores, including Honeywell. It utilizes a color and number scale from 4 to 10 that closely resembles MERV rating.

MERV MPR FPR Efficiency Change Frequency
6 300 n/a Captures lint,household dust and pollen 30 Days
8 600 5/Green MERV 6 + dust mites & mold spores 90 Days
11 1000 – 1200 7/ Red MERV 8 + smoke, smog, cough/sneeze & pet dander 90 Days
13 1500 -1900 10/Blue MERV 11 + virus carries, odors & bacteria. 90 Days

MERV vs. MPR vs. FPR: Navigating Through Air Filter Rating Systems