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今日の英語:kissing bug

= サシガメ。

直訳だと「キスする🐞」とかちょっと可愛いいっぽいけど、夜中に寝ている人の顔を刺す害虫。それだけならまだいい(いやいくない)けど、「シャーガス病」("Chagas Disease"、ヘタすると死に至る)という病気を媒介する面倒な奴。

もともと中南米でポピュラーな病気だけれど、アメリカ南部の州でも毎年10,000人(ホントか?)が死んでるらしい。この"kissing bug"がカリフォルニアでも発見、というのが上のニュース。



Stanford Blood Center will follow the recommendations of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and begin testing all blood collected for Chagas’ disease on March 5, 2007. Currently, the FDA encourages, but does not require, blood banks to screen for this parasitic disease. Screening will consist of testing samples of all donated blood using an FDA-approved testing system. This test screens for the specific antibody produced by the immune system in response to the presence of the disease. Samples that test positive will receive additional testing to confirm the results. Any positive units of blood will be destroyed, and the donor notified.

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