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今日の英語:rite of passage

= 人生の節目の行事。冠婚葬祭など。
Bicycling Magazineに面白い記事が載っていた。タイトルはそのまま"Rites of Passage"。自転車乗りの節目となる出来事を列挙したもの。

From the November issue: Falling in puppy love, graduating high school, the birth of your child–nothing compared with your first case of road rash and these 108 other momentous occasions in the life of a cyclist. Share your own cycling rites of passage in the comments section below.

Rites of Passage | Pro Cycling News: This Just In | Bicycling.com


07. Discovering how a convenience-store Coke can resurrect the dead.


20. You get stuck in your pedals and topple over at a stoplight.

前に「立ちゴケ」という英語はないんじゃないかと書いたけれど、強いて言えば"topple over"なのか。

23. You wake up to find the sheets stuck to your road rash―and still feel excited about riding that day.


24. Your boss stops by to ask you to explain what’s happening in the Tour de France.


36. Seeing a sunrise from the saddle.


37. Wondering how the biggest local hill would rank on the Tour de France climb classification.

ははは、やりました。というかTour de Franceの山岳ステージを体験するべくデザインされたセンチュリーに出た事がある。

55. Breaking a collarbone.


94 . At the PTA meeting, looking around at all the fat parents.