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今日の英語:my opponent

= 対戦相手。
大統領選がいよいよ花ざかり。先週の水曜に初の直接対決、presidential debateがあった。オバマの喋り方になんか引っかかりがあるように感じた第1回だったけれど、どちらもこの"my opponent"という呼び方をしなかった。というのも随分前にブッシュのディベートを見た時、相手のことを常に"my opponent"で指していたんでかなり気になっていたんである。

What do they call each other?

Will it be “Mr. President” or “the president” when Mr. Romney refers to his rival on the stage? Will Mr. Obama talk about the policies that “the governor” wants to pursue? Or will he talk about the impact of those policies from “my opponent”?


Debate coaches often suggest that candidates do whatever they can to subtly undermine their rival’s experience and stature. In 2004, President George W. Bush repeatedly referred to Senator John Kerry as merely “my opponent,” even when referring to Mr. Kerry’s Senate votes.