Hole In The Wall


今日の英語:picture bride

= 写真花嫁。

サンノゼ出身の日系政治家、Norman Mineta。サンノゼ空港の正式名だったり、ブッシュ政権にいたこともあるんで知ってる人も多いけど、これは彼の母親の話。


During a time of rising anti-Asian sentiment in the United States, U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt and Japan reached the Gentleman’s Agreement in 1907. This informal agreement allowed Japanese American students in San Francisco to attend the same schools as other students and not be required to join Chinese and Korean students in “Oriental Schools,” but also prevented Japanese laborers from coming to the United States, with a few exceptions. Those men who were already here were allowed to send for their families. Men who were bachelors worked with their families and baishakunin (go-betweens) in Japan to arrange for marriages to young women, with the men’s photographs often serving as proxies.