Hole In The Wall




Every week, the former Bay Area resident drives his panel van across the border to buy a few thousand dollars worth of merchandise at Trader Joe's stores in the States. He then turns around and resells the goods at his own shop in Canada for a profit.
Now, despite the obvious affection Hallatt and his customers have for the eclectic grocer, he finds himself the subject of a lawsuit filed in May by the California company, which has no presence in Canada. The suit seeks to shut down the store he owns in Vancouver that is entirely devoted to reselling Trader Joe's products.

Trader Joe's drags a pirate to court - SFGate

カナダにはトレーダー・ジョーズがない。で、ベイエリアのAskJeevesで働いていた時にTrader Joe'sのファンになったこの人、故郷のカナダに戻った現在もバンクーバーから車でワシントン州までトレーダー・ジョーズの製品を買いに来て、バンクーバーで"Pirate Joe's"という店を開いて買ってきた製品を再販していたらしい。それでTrader Joe'sに訴えられてしまったもののその愛は変わらず、"Pirate"->"Irate"に変更して現在も商売を続けている。(ちなみに"irate"は「激怒した」の意味w)
Trader Joe'sがカナダで販売始めれば全ては丸く収まると思うのだが。