Hole In The Wall



久々Zayante。Saratoga Gapまで登ったらこんな標識が。
Who's Jill?

About Jill's Ride for Hope 2013 ― A Message from Polly and Rob Naber
We lost our daughter Jill to suicide during her freshman year at LGHS. Jill was a vibrant, talented young girl, just 15 years old. She was distraught when an embarrassing picture of herself was sent electronically and placed on an internet site. Cyber-bullying and other pressures intensified her feelings of despair, and on March 15, 2009, she took her own life.

Jill's Ride for Hope 2013 • August 24th Registration, Los Gatos - Eventbrite

その後Hwy9を一気に降ってFeltonまで。Felton近くになると結構車が多くなる。しかもピックアップトラックばかりでかつ自転車乗り嫌いが多い。今日もクラクション・中指立て攻撃を喰らう。Feltonに着いて"Mountain Roasting Company"なるカフェで補給。そこのバリスタおじさんは人が良くて自転車のスモールトーク。よくわからん。
Mountain Roasting Co.
Zayanteの登りに備えて"Rocket Fuel"なるブレンドを注文。効果の程は疑問。
Rocket Fuel
Bambi Alert!