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A year ago, chikungunya didn't even exist in the Western Hemisphere. It was only found in Africa and Asia. But in October, the mosquito-borne illness cropped up on the island of St. Martin. Then it spread like wildfire.

The Pan American Health Organization reported Monday that over the past seven months, chikungunya has sickened more than a quarter-million people in the Caribbean. And the nasty virus has already started to trickle into the U.S.

Chikun-What? A New Mosquito-Borne Virus Lands In The U.S. : Shots - Health News : NPR


  • そもそも蚊がほとんどいない。
  • いてもアカイエカ。媒体になるシマカ(Asian Tiger Mosquito)は少数派。
  • そして何より、干魃のため水たまりがないこと。これは大きい。