Hole In The Wall


Ken Burns

ほぼPBS専属と言ってもいいドキュメンタリー監督、Ken Burns。彼のインタビューが60 Minutesで取り上げられていた。

The filmmaker known for his exhaustive documentaries on American subjects gives Scott Pelley a glimpse into how his films are made, the message he wants to convey with them and how he became the person he is today.


Ken Burns on America, selling his first film, PBS's long deadlines and more - 60 Minutes - CBS News




Ken Burns: I'm fortunate that PBS exists. I can go tomorrow to a premium channel or some place, a streaming service, and get $30 million to do Vietnam. But no one's gonna say, "You can take 10 and a half years, Ken."

He can take his time because he raises the money and runs his own company, Florentine Films. Producers, writers, historians, editors and photographers craft a half-dozen films at once so Burns can release about one a year even though a series like "Country Music" takes eight years to finish.


Ken Burns: I'm working on seven films right now. I mean, we got Ernest Hemingway, we have Muhammad Ali, we have Benjamin Franklin, we have LBJ biographies. We're doing a history of the American Revolution and a biography of the buffalo. 


Ken Burns: This is what stories do. They do liberate us from the tyrannies of our limitations, and our past, and our foibles. And so this is what we human beings do to negotiate this all too short passage that we call life. And I'm so grateful that I live in the United States of America, I mean that. I mean that. And that I get to tell stories about us, the U.S.