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Hole In The Wall





Ben Chapman, a food safety specialist and researcher at North Carolina State University, explained that triple washing is at least partially an aesthetic preparation. Triple washing is “not just a food safety step,” he said. “It’s a quality step as well.” 



Chapman informs me that washing at home actually increases the risk of contamination because surfaces at home are likely crawling with germs. 



So triple washing is a tortured compromise with an inconvenient reality: Salad greens aren’t particularly conducive to consumer safety. From its structural ability to harbor pathogens, to its inability to withstand heat, to its wide surface area, to the fact that it is processed in large volumes (increasing the risk of cross-contamination), commercial lettuce is as outbreak-ready as a 14th-century marmot. 

 「商用レタスは14世紀にペスト大流行を引き起こしたネズミ並みのアウトブレイクの可能性を秘めている」…。まあこの比喩の根拠はないのだけれど、食品の性格上「絶対安全」というのは不可能だということには違いない。"100% Natural"同様、コマーシャル文句と受け止めておくのが良いのかも。


関係ないけど、Quaker Oats、"100% Natural"で集団訴訟食らったそう。