Hole In The Wall


Living on a Knife Edge


Due to a computer systems error, USCIS California Service Center recently issued a number of notices erroneously informing Adjustment of Status applicants that their applications have been approved. The notices differ from true I-485 Application to Adjust Status approval notices in that they are labeled “Notice Type: Welcome Notice,” and do not provide the applicant instructions on ADIT processing.


The USCIS California Service Center (CSC) has informed our office that the erroneous “Welcome Notices” it recently issued for Adjustment of Status applications indicate that the I-485 application was in fact approved. When we initially contacted the CSC about these notices, the CSC believed that the notices were automatically generated by a problem in its computer system. The CSC has since learned that the erroneous notices were issued due to clerical computer entry errors when the I-485 applications were reviewed and approved.