Hole In The Wall




• Thou shalt not dress in florescent spandex and bogart the road.

OK, bicyclists, it's time you all "shared the road" as well. Besides the fact that most of these folks look ridiculous, many routinely ignore speed limits and stop signs while messing up traffic.

That's not even counting the fact they don't pay any extra taxes to maintain the bike lanes, as car owners do.

I hear they are remaking Sly Stalone's '70s picture "Death Race 2000." Here's hoping they film on the back roads of Solano and Yolo counties.

ちなみに"Death Race 2000"というのはスタローン主演のこんな映画。バカっぽい車のレースで、途中轢き殺した人数もプラスポイントになるらしい。