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Got Baguettes?

フランスの主食といえばパン。ところがその消費が年々減っているらしく、40年前は一人あたり一日バゲット1つ食べてたのが、現在はその半分らしい。このニュース自体は随分前に流れていたんだけれど、この事実を受け止めたフランスのパン団体が、"Got Milk?"ならぬ「パンを買ったかい?」というキャンペーンをしているらしい。

And the bread lobby has launched a campaign to make it speak up. Inspired by the California Milk Board's campaign, "Got Milk?" the Observatoire du Pain came up with the slogan, "Cou cou, tu as pris le pain?" which translates roughly as, "Hi there, did you pick up the bread?"

Got Baguettes? Bakers' Lobby Tells France To Eat More Bread : The Salt : NPR


Artisan has been co-opted by the food industry and marketing to the point now that its distinction has been diluted. Over the last few years we have been tracking the increasing popularity in use of artisan on food labels ranging from supermarket bread to mass processed frozen meals. Datamonitor, for example, found more than 800 new food products have been dubbed "artisan" in the past five years.

The Hartman Group : When the Label Says "Artisan"

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