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Indian Mysore Nuggets

Burman Coffeeの記事。

インドに行く前は気にも留めなかったけど、Mysoreってことは例のカルナータカ州の豆だよな。結構こっちでもポピュラーなのか。で、"Mysore Nuggets"が何か調べたら、


Washed Arabica: Single-Estate Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold

These washed Arabica beans follow all the prescriptions for Plantation-A coffees, but with tighter grading and sorting requirements. The beans are extra-bold, 90 percent larger than 7.5 millimeters (19 screen) in size, and 100 percent larger than 6.65 millimeters (17 screen). The grade doesn’t permit any peaberries, bits, blacks, or extraneous matter. Moisture content is 9 to 10.5 percent.

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold is a premium coffee. In many ways, it represents the “best of the best” washed Arabica coffees from India. The beans are large and uniform, bluish-green in color, and have a clean, well-polished appearance. They provide a highly uniform roast.

Josuma obtains its Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold beans exclusively from Kalladevapura Estate at about 4,200 feet of elevation in the Baba Budan region of Chikmagalur. Coffees grown in this region exhibit slightly more acidity and spiciness in the cup. These Nuggets yield a brew that is smooth and buttery with a mocha overtone. They also perform well in espresso blends. 

Washed Arabica: Single-Estate Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold | Josuma Coffee Company 


Indian "Plantation Arabica" Grade A - Chikmagalur

結構豆にバラつきがあるし、Peaberryも入ってたんで、これを選別してクオリティの高い豆だけを選んだのがきっと"Mysore Nuggets"になるんだろう。イヤでもほんとに美味しいんだな、この豆。インドから帰ってからずーっと飲んでるけど、まだ2キロぐらい蓄えあり。値段考えたらインドに足向けて寝られない。