Hole In The Wall




We are experiencing a change in personnel. We are currently hiring and should have someone in this position soon.  



Thank you for the email and Snoop support! All the pre-orders were handed over to DMV in mid-December and they are currently working on inputting the information in their system and producing the plates. You should have received a couple emails from us in December with the announcement that we reached our goal and with information on how to receive your Beagle Backer Benefits. 
The DMV anticipates they will begin distributing the Snoopy license plates by September 30th. As we communicated in our emails in late December, DMV's process "could take most of 2016 to complete".
If you ordered sequential plates, they will be mailed directly to you. 
If you ordered personalized or conversion plates, you will receive a postcard from the DMV asking you to come into your local DMV field office (the one you specified on your order form) to pick your plates up and surrender your previous plates.