Hole In The Wall


Lucky Peach廃刊へ。

ツボにはまる記事をよく載せていたLucky Peachが5月を最後に廃刊へ。

When it first appeared in 2011, Lucky Peach was something new: an irreverent food magazine that broke down barriers between journalists and cooks. Founded by two veteran writers, Peter Meehan and Chris Ying, and a successful chef, David Chang, it ran articles and recipes from creative minds all over the culinary landscape, and beyond.

But that alliance eventually pulled apart. On Monday, Mr. Meehan, the editorial director, told the staff of more than a dozen that there would be just two more print issues of the quarterly magazine, and that the lights at the Lucky Peach office in Chinatown in Manhattan would go out in May.

Behind Lucky Peach’s Closing, Colliding Visions


Lucky Peach has 30,000 print subscribers and has published 22 issues. And it has been growing, according to figures from Mr. Meehan: Print subscriptions rose 20 percent in 2016; advertising sales in the first quarter of that year were up by 127 percent over those a year earlier. 


“The lesson here isn’t that print is doomed,” Mr. Meehan said.

Mr. Ying, who served as Lucky Peach’s editor in chief until last year, when he took on the role of editor at large, said he had taken that step back from the magazine “partially because it had become really difficult to run a bicoastal operation, and partially because I realized that there just wasn’t room for another ego in the room.” 

 創業者の3人、フードライターのPeter MeehanとChris Ying、それにMomofukuのシェフ、David Chang。この3人の方向性の違いによる所が真相の様子。