Hole In The Wall



ジモティのチーズメーカー、Cypress Grove。Humboldt Fogが旨いんだよな。

Humboldt Fog



However, classical music didn't suit the goats. The tunes "had far too many swings in tempo and energy," Andrus says, which only served to agitate the animals. 

 クラシックのテンポやエネルギーで動揺してしまうらしい。しかもジャズでも、George Winstonのようなのじゃなきゃダメ。金管系のはもちろん、ピアノでもセロニアス・モンクみたいな突拍子のないやつはダメ。

But Andrus also found he couldn't play jazz music with too many horns, "as they have an abrupt, squawky sound," he explains. "That is why we can't play things like Thelonius Monk or some of the more avant-garde, creative jazz music. It has to be light, mellow, and low on intensity."