Hole In The Wall



= デタラメ(=BS)。

オバマケアを廃止して新しいものに置き換える、という共和党マニフェスト、予想通り敗北したわけだけど、今日のNPRでそれについてハワイの上院議員(D)、Mazie Hironoさんのインタビュー。



Shibai (pronounced like: "she buy," with a slight vocal inflection on the second syllable) is a popular term commonly used in the state of Hawaii. Its general meaning refers to someone who is viewed as being "pretentious" or overtly "hypocritical."

Shibai - Wikipedia


“Shibai” is a Japanese word with varied definitions, but the meaning you’re most likely looking for is the one that’s woven its way into the local language via pidgin (Hawaii Creole English). A polite definition of “shibai” would be “lies.” A more nuanced definition would be “B.S.” The word “shibai” turns up most frequently in politics, if that helps any. As to its origins, HawaiiAnswers.com visitor Lusus Naturae notes that “shibai” (芝居) is the Japanese word for “dramatic play.”


INSKEEP: You used a couple of terms there. I think I know the term BS. What was the other term you used, Senator?

HIRONO: Chabye (ph). It's a Japanese word meaning, in short, b.s.