Hole In The Wall




Marriage is one of the fastest paths to citizenship, and some Americans believe their foreign spouses duped them into tying the knot to take advantage of immigration benefits.

Some Americans Say Immigrant Spouses Falsely Claimed Abuse to Stay in U.S. - NBC Bay Area


They point to a provision in the Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA, which was designed to help abused immigrants petition for a green card without the knowledge of their American spouses. 

 米人配偶者からDVを受けた場合、配偶者に知られずにグリーンカード申請が可能。この女性、なんとウクライナで一月前まで売春していたことを突き止めた男性、移民申請の虚偽申告、ということで訴えたら、女性側はAffidavit of Support不履行、という逆訴訟。米国での生活費用を払ってるんだそう。うーんぐちゃぐちゃだ。