Hole In The Wall



いかにもアメリカっぽいレースで、"24 hours of Lemons"という$500以下の改造車のレースシリーズがある。もちろんLemon(欠陥車)はル・マン24時間耐久のパクリ。


What do you get when you combine outrageous costumes with outrageously awful cars? You get the most unique racing spectacle in the world and it's in Sonoma this weekend.

(Published Friday, Mar 8, 2019)

24 Hours Of LEMONS at Sonoma Raceway - NBC Bay Area


E36 318ti as a Lemon




The E36 generation 3-Series models live on one of the broadest spectrums; there’s little that’s less appealing than a neglected once-red-now-pink 318ti with faded grey trim and mismatched headlights and an interior that’s falling apart, and on the other end there’s not much out there that can match the ‘90s excellence of a European-spec M3 owned by someone who cares about it and maintains it accordingly. That beat-up Compact could make for a fun 24 Hours of Lemons entrant or a demolition derby car (it already sort of looks like somebody reversed it into a wall), but it’s not even on the same horizon as something like this GT with only a few thousand kilometers clocked in its life.