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The BMW 318ti – The Cult Car We Want In Our Garage


今年の1月の記事で318tiについてまとめた物。纏めとしてはよくまとまってるけど、流石に"The Cult Car"は褒めすぎ😄。ただ所々にうなずく部分が。特に、

With 51/49 weight distribution, disc brakes at all four corners, and of course a RWD drivetrain, you didn’t have to sacrifice great driving dynamics for practicality.


Despite the good balance and playful driving dynamics, it was, even by the standards of the day, pretty darn slow. 


As cars grow in size and shrink in general excitement, the 318ti occupies a small spot in time that some consider to be the beginning of the “golden age” of BMW.

If you can find a good one, or even fix and modify a bad one, you might want to pick one up. The 318ti will continue to represent one of the more interesting BMWs ever sold – even if it didn’t do it well. 


It's the most obvious proof of "a car doesn't have to be fast to be fun" that I've ever experienced.