Hole In The Wall


San Marzano記事。

たまにはインドじゃないエントリ、といっても今まで飽きるほど載せたSan Marzanoの記事が出ていたんで、


Some companies don’t even try to hide the truth. One of the more iconic brands in the U.S., with graphic white labels and pretty red illustrations of the plum tomato, is not even from Italy, even though its name is “San Marzano.” Look closely on the label and it says “Grown Domestically in the U.S.” The company is merely named after the famous tomatoes, which is completely legal to do in the U.S. It doesn’t even bother with faking a DOP label; using the name is enough to confuse most shoppers.


ま、いいけどね。というか自分の庭のSan Marzanoトマトがちゃんと育ってるかのほうが心配。熱波大丈夫だろうか。