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A Pepper for Poppa

Celebrate Dad with a garden gift! Better yet, bring him into the nursery and let him choose whatever catches his fancy. Yamagami's will give a FREE Pepper Plant in a 4" pot to any Dad with any purchase on Saturday and Sunday, June 15 and 16.
He can take his choice from any variety in stock--from incendiary to sweet and crisp. Yamagami's Nursery wishes all Dads a Happy Father's Day!

Yamagami's Nursery: January 9, 2014

Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia)
その名も"Ghost Pepper"、またの名を"Bhut Jolokia"。これがどのぐらいゴーストかというと、


ブート・ジョロキア - Wikipedia


Introducing the Moruga Scorpion, the World’s Hottest Pepper « I Love It Spicy!

純粋カプサイシン、ペッパースプレーを除くと、"Moruga Scorpion", "Chocolate 7-pot"についでやっぱり3位の様子。それにしても最低でもハバネロの3倍以上辛く、ハラペーニョやセラーノは文字通り桁違い。ただし育て方によってかなり辛さが変わるらしい。いずれにせよ今から楽しみだ。