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Free Gait Analysis

昼にカフェテリアに向かう途中、SportsBasementが小さなブースを出していた。話を聞いてみると"Gait Analysis"をやってくれるらしい。

Gait analysis is the systematic study of animal locomotion, more specific as a study of human motion, using the eye and the brain of observers, augmented by instrumentation for measuring body movements, body mechanics, and the activity of the muscles. Gait analysis is used to assess, plan, and treat individuals with conditions affecting their ability to walk. It is also commonly used in sports biomechanics to help athletes run more efficiently and to identify posture-related or movement-related problems in people with injuries.

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Free gait analysis result
"Moderate Stability"という判定。
最近散歩するようになってシューズが必要になったんで、実は先週末もCampbellのSports Basementでやってもらったんだけれど、それと食い違うんだよなぁ。先週末の判定は"Neutral"、それで既にネットで"Neutral"のシューズをポチってしまったんですが…。