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Cafe Du Mondeとベトナム・コーヒー。

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Open for over 150 years, New Orleans Café Du Monde in the bustling French Market has become the gold standard for two of the cities signature dishes: beignets and coffee and chicory served au lait.

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ニュー・オーリンズのCafe Du Monde、チコリ入りコーヒーとベニエで有名。ここのコーヒー、何故かベトナムコーヒーの原料としてよく使われる。
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Vietnamese-Americans introduced the practice of adding chicory to coffee, and many Americans today believe that all true Vietnamese coffee contains chicory. One brand that uses chicory is Cafe du Monde, often cited as the coffee to use when brewing Vietnamese iced coffee. However, Cafe du Monde originated in New Orleans, and chicory coffee is an American phenomenon. In Vietnam, coffee is never traditionally served with chicory, as a review of the top brands produced in Vietnam for home use and coffee shop house blends will show no chicory in the ingredients.

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Cafe Du Mondeのコーヒーがベトナム・コーヒーに使われるのはチコリ入りだから。しかも(いわゆる)ベトナム・コーヒーにチコリを入れるのはアメリカに移住してきたベトナム人が考えだしたもので、本国ではチコリは入らないらしい。