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= その地域に住む人々の呼称。"American", "San Franciscan", "New Yorker"など。


  1. (rare) A name for an inhabitant or native of a specific place that is derived from the name of the place.
    Why is it that people from the United States use American as their demonym?

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National Geographic Magazine attributes this term to Merriam-Webster editor Paul Dickson.[2] It was subsequently popularized in this sense in 1997 by Dickson in his book Labels for Locals.[3] Dickson himself attributed the term to George H. Scheetz in What Do You Call a Person From...? A Dictionary of Resident Names (the first edition of Labels for Locals).[4] The term first appeared in Names' Names: A Descriptive and Prescriptive Onymicon by George H. Scheetz.[1] The term is foreshadowed in demonymic, which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as the name of an Athenian citizen according to the demeto which he belonged, with first usage traced to 1893.[5][6]

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ちなみに自分はサンホゼアン(San Josean)。なんか変な響き。