Hole In The Wall



労働組合」と言ったら普通、工場等で労働環境改善、賃金引き上げを社員が会社に要求するためのもの、例えばこの前のTartine Bakeryのやつ、




NEDZVETSKAYA: Yeah. So what set this all off with Kickstarter was there's this comic book that was, you know, on the fundraising platform. It's called "Always Punch Nazis." The news outlet Breitbart saw that this was on Kickstarter. They got in touch with the company and basically said, you know, this is a violation of your company policy. This promotes violence. The company initially took it down. A lot of workers were upset by this action because they felt like it was acquiescing to the alt-right. Basically, the workers had one kind of moral take on the issue, and then company management had a very different one. And I think it was this moment in the company when people realized, you know, we don't have as much of a say in the decision-making as we would like to. This is our - you know, our intellectual labor as employees. We want a little bit more control over exactly what happens with that. 

 クラウドファンドしていた"Always Punch Nazis"というコミック、これをAlt-RightBreitbartキックスターターに取り下げを求め、会社もそれを承認。これに怒った社員たち、会社の決定に異議を唱えられるように組合を結成する、というのが主な理由。