Hole In The Wall


Ben Jacques-Maynes


カリフォルニアローカルのプロ、Ben Jacques-Maynes。拙ブログでも何度か取り上げたし、去年の猫丘クリテリウムでは優勝、続くツアー・オブ・カリフォルニアでは何度か逃げを打つなど絶好調だったけど、引退間際の今年のツアー・オブ・カリフォルニアでクラッシュ。顔面損傷で歯の治療費が保険でカバーされず。友人がすかさずクラウドファンディングを立ち上げた模様。

Many cyclists dream of the glamorous life of a domestic pro. I have enjoyed watching pro-cycling for many years and often forget that our favorite domestic cyclists don’t live the affluent life of other pro-athletes. Professional and amateur cyclists alike are very exposed in a high risk sport where accidents, such as Ben’s, can have a profound impact on their finances and lives. It is times like these when the cycling community can come together to help!