Hole In The Wall



前に探求しがいがある、と書いた。んで、「続」は敬愛するPonsford's Placeのこんなツイートを読んだことから始まった。

 えと、このクォート、Milton Berleというユダヤ系コメディアンの有名なクォートらしい。意味がよくわからないんで(英語が、じゃなくて)、いろいろ調べたら、こんなのがヒット。

"So maybe it wasn't the cholesterol that was killing everyone. It was other people ordering pastrami on white with mayo," he tells Siegel. "There are certain rules that you should follow in a delicatessen. And they're not there to be strict, and they're not there to dictate what you should do. They're there for your own good. This is meat with such intense flavor with such a long, intricate preparation, that to dilute it with anything other than mustard and rye bread is to take away from it." 

 マスタードとライ麦パン以外でパストラミを食べると苦労して仕上げたパストラミの味が台無しになるんだそう。なので白パンにパストラミを注文する人を見ると"Deli Police"な人々が憤死するんだろうきっとw。


Save the Deli: In Search of Perfect Pastrami, Crusty Rye, and the Heart of Jewish Delicatessen
David Sax
Mariner Books (2010-10-01)
Best Sellers Rank: 590,165