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The Pain Shop


"Pain Bakery"というベーカリーがあって、結構見た目おいしそうなパンを焼いてるのは知ってたけど、

ここがbrick & mortarのお店をイーストベイに最近開いたんだそう。


THE PAIN SHOP As we reported last week on Bites, a new bread shop opened in the former Doughnut Dolly space in Temescal Alley called The Pain Shop. As some Berkeleyside readers noted, this isn’t a store specializing in S&M gear, but a bread shop — “pain” in French means bread. The bread in question is baked by Pain Bakery. While Pain’s breads are currently made in a shared kitchen in San Mateo, both owner-baker David Surcamp and shop manager Meagan Ranes live in Oakland. Ranes told Nosh that they are currently looking for their own kitchen, ideally somewhere in the East Bay.