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"should of" / "could of"という書き方。

もちろん英文法ポリスからしたら、"should have" / "could have"が正しいと叱られるけど、こんなQuoraの回答を目にする。

By now it’s looking like of is more than a lowly mistake. Sure, if anything that isn’t proper English is objectively inferior to you, then you could call it a mistake or a disgrace, but for a significant percentage of the English-speaking world “should of” is a more accurate way to spell it than “should have”.

Oscar Tay's answer to Why do people write 'should of' and 'could of' instead of 'should have' and 'could have'? - Quora


  • should have -> shoulda
  • could have -> coulda
  • lot of -> lotta
  • bunch of -> buncha