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literally (comparative more literallysuperlative most literally)

  1. (speech act) word for word; not figuratively; not as an idiom or metaphor quotations ▼
    Synonyms: actuallyreally
    Antonyms: figurativelymetaphoricallyvirtually
    When I saw on the news that there would be no school tomorrow because of the snowstorm, I literally jumped for joy, and hit my head on the ceiling fan.
  2. (degree, proscribed) Used non-literally as an intensifier for figurative statements: virtuallyso to speak (often considered incorrect; see usage notes) quotations ▼
    Synonym: virtually
    He was so surprised, he literally jumped twenty feet in the air.

literally - Wiktionary


  1. literally jumped for joy,
  2. he literally jumped twenty feet in the air