Hole In The Wall


Cat's Hill Classic終焉。

ロスガトスのローカルクリテリウム、Cat's Hill Classic。よく観戦に行ったし何度もこのブログで取り上げたけど、

Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club announces to our racing cycling community the cancellation of the 2019 Cat's Hill® Classic Bike Race normally held in April. We, the Cat's Hill® Committee, have concluded that due to the dramatic decrease in racing attendance for this downtown event, Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club will not present the event in the future. We thank the many volunteers, sponsors and the community that have made the event possible for the past 45 years. Sincerely, the members of the Cat's Hill Committee

Cat's Hill Classic Bicycle Race - presented by Mikes Bikes and the Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club

 レース参加者が激減して45年の歴史に幕。うーんこれは悲しい。US ChampionだったこともあるFast Freddie Rodriguezや、

Freddie Rodriguez


Jackson Stewart winning the race


 かつてはオリンピック選手Eric Wohlbergや説明不必要、Greg LeMondも勝ったことのあるレース。