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SAN FRANCISCO--()--The award winning and historical famous dog duo labeled gin makers of Bummer and Lazarus have started production of hand sanitizer to help meet the urgent needs during the Covid-19 crisis. Carter Raff the Co-Owner and Master Distiller of the dog adorned gin company commented, “Once we realized certain restrictions were now allowing distilleries to produce hand sanitizer, we knew we too had to react.”

San Francisco-Based Bummer and Lazarus Gin is Taking a Bite out of Germs With Their Hand Sanitizer Refills | Business Wire


Take a Bite Out of Germs


Bummer and Lazarus were two stray dogs that roamed the streets of San FranciscoCalifornia, United States, in the early 1860s. Recognized for their unique bond and their prodigious rat-killing ability, they became a fixture of city newspapers, were exempted from local ordinances, and immortalized in cartoons

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1860年代のサンフランシスコにいた仲良し野良犬2匹、その天才的ネズミ捕獲力を高く評価されていて有名だったんだそう。 うんうん、ロゴも確かにネズミ咥えてるし。それにしても名前が可哀想。"Bummer"は文字通り、"Lazarus"も昔調べたけど、