Hole In The Wall


今日のラテン語:pro se

= 弁護士を立てずに自分で訴訟に立つこと。

1/6のCapitol Riotの被告、自分で自分の弁護をするんだそう。その理由が、

Speaking to Judge Lamberth, Hostetter said he wanted to represent himself, in part, to save on expensive legal bills, and also to expose what he views as a "corrupt" prosecution.


The judge proposed appointing a standby attorney to help Hostetter with some of the legal intricacies of his case.

Hostetter agreed on the condition that the attorney not have "any association with secret societies such as Yale's Skull & Bones, Freemasonry, or other organizations that require oaths or vows of secrecy that often feed into the masonic lodges such as the Elks Club, for example, which could potentially be a big part of my case."

もちろん弁護士費用をケチるためもあるけれど、訴えが陰謀であることを自ら裁判官に納得させるんだそう。国選弁護人(standby attorneyってそういう意味だよな?)をつけることには同意したそうだけど、有象無象の秘密結社と関わりがないことが条件。なんだかなぁ…。


One scholar has called the right to self-representation the "Sixth Amendment right to shoot oneself in the foot."

pro se defendantになれることを、「修正第6条:墓穴を掘るための権利」と呼んでるらしい😄