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正当Mongolian BBQ

こっちでよくあるMongolian BBQ。昔は昼によく食べてた。これが実は台湾オリジンなのは知ってたけど、


As the story goes, Mongolian barbecue was actually invented in the 1950s by a Taiwanese comedian with no connection to Mongolia. Mong gu kao rou, or “Mongolian barbecue,” wasn’t even his first name choice: He would have advertised his restaurant as serving “Beijing barbecue” if it weren’t politically risky in Taiwan to invoke China so directly at that time.

Khorkhog Is the Real Mongolian Barbecue | KQED


Still, Sukhbaatar said, there was a well-loved Mongolian food that better fit the term “Mongolian barbecue”—a slow-cooked lamb or mutton dish known as khorkhog, which Mongolians eat at every birthday, every wedding, every big family gathering.