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今日の英語:muffin top

= ローライズジーンズの上に乗った贅肉。マフィンの上部に似ていることから。今年のオックスフォード辞書の新語にも選ばれた。

Martha Paschal is a youthful-looking 50-year-old financial consultant with what she calls a "muffin top" ― extra rolls of waistline flab. Browsing dresses at Tysons Corner Center mall in Virginia, she said she never looked for spandex until a few years ago, when a store attendant suggested she try on a "pencil" skirt ― one of those slim, body-hugging skirts. She says she never thought she'd own one ― that is, until she tried on a spandex one.

"They were designed to be a straight skirt, and muffin tops don't look good in pencil skirts," she says. "But now I'm the proud possessor of a pencil skirt that can somewhat camouflage a muffin top."

Spandex Stretches To Meet U.S. Waistlines : NPR

「誇りを持ってスパンデックス着てます!」ってその前に痩せたほうがいいと思うなぁ。People of Walmartじゃないんだから。